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Old-fashioned drinking street

Nostalgic "Star Road" facing the north exit of Asagaya Station. Here, there is an izakaya "DAI-HACHI" and a ryokan "ZEN".

Asagaya Shrine

A 5-minute walk from DAI-HACHI ZEN is Asagaya Shinmeigu, built during the Heian period. It's a good idea to visit a historical shrine while staying at this inn.

Shopping Street

There is Asagaya shopping street across Nakasugi Street opposite the station. It is also recommended for lunch after check-out and shopping for souvenirs.

Laputa Asagaya

One minute's walk from DAI-HACHI ZEN, there is also a hidden attraction called Laputa Asagaya. There are fashionable cafes and theaters here.

A's garden

"A's Garden" operated by Suginami Ward. About 15 minutes on foot from DAI-HACHI ZEN, it is also recommended for a short walk. There is a flower bed behind the hut that feels the Meiji era.

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