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A modern Japanese IZAKAYA with jazz music

DAI-HACHI can be enjoyed in a modern Japanese-style interior with dishes prepared and prepared by a former hotel chef. Chic jazz for BGM. We also have sake, shochu, and wine that women can enjoy.

You can also enjoy seasonal appetizers and local sake.

In addition to the izakaya's standard menu, sashimi and tempura are carefully selected for delicious ingredients at each season. There are also menus that make use of hotel experience, such as beef stew that has been carefully boiled and left overnight. Local sake, sweet potato shochu and wine are also available.

Counter & table seats

It can seat up to 3 people at the counter and up to 10 people at the table. It is not large, but it is a space where shopkeepers can pay attention to all seats.


It can also be used in banquets, as it can be divided into private rooms with a shoji screen. Reservation for banquet by telephone! 03-3310-5870

Barrier-free toilet

Wheelchairs are available from the store entrance to the toilet. Toilets are large and have handrails.

Both classic and seasonal food menus.

Former hotel chef handmade.

Not only beer and sake,

but also wine and

sparkling wine.

If you get drunk, just sleep at the inn on the second floor.

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